3 ways to maximise your New Year revenue and retain your members, longer.

Let’s not beat around the Christmas tree… The new year rush is almost upon us. Have you thought about how you are going to provide the level of support required to keep your members (new and existing) engaged with their fitness journey and your club, avoiding the traditional February attrition spike? We’ve shared our top tips for doing that just, to help you maximise your new year revenue and retain your new members longer. Let’s take a look:

1. Be visible to your members

In an industry where personal interaction is the number one success factor, it’s crucial that health and fitness club staff are available and visible to members, they need to be on the gym floor where they can interact and build a rapport, not stuck behind a desk in an office, working through club and member management tasks. Flexibility is crucial when trying to service an average 18% increase in members during January, as it allows you to provide the level of support required to keep your members engaged with their fitness journey and your club, helping you retain your new members way beyond February.

So, what’s the answer? An ‘on the go’ app-based club management solution.

The leading ClubWise club management system is ahead of the curve on this and already includes ClubWise Mobile, the most feature-rich club management app on the market today. ClubWise Mobile has been designed specifically for club staff and allows them to perform all the key club and member management tasks required, on the go from their mobile device or tablet.
You can learn more here: www.clubwise.com/club-management

Implementing a rewards programme for your members is a proven way to boost engagement and cultivate member loyalty. Need convincing? Check out the stats below:

Rewarding members for short term achievements is a great motivational tool for new members that are just getting started on their fitness journey. Why does this work? Because it’s hard to stay consistent when you don’t see immediate results from a significant behaviour change, such as starting a new workout regime, so by implementing rewards for short term achievements, such as attending the gym a certain amount of times in the first month, or completing a certain number of classes, your members enjoy a sense of achievement, which motivates them to keep going.

The ClubWise club management system allows you to introduce FitSense Rewards, a fully integrated member loyalty programme, that incentivises member activity by allowing your members to earn points and subsequently gain rewards. FitSense Rewards is an additional module within the FitSense Member App, making it easy for members to set points goals and track their points progress. This leads us nicely onto the next point – goal setting and progress tracking.

3. Ensure Your New Members Set Goals and Track Their Progress

Setting fitness goals is essential in order to progress and improve and having goals to work towards can help keep your members motivated.

Help your members to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). A simple way to kick this process off is to offer your members a full Body Composition Analysis scan, upon joining.

Body Composition Analysis allows your members to measure their health with precise accuracy, providing crucial insight into their health and fitness. Your members can measure each body part as well as gain an overall picture, giving them a clear view of their health and progress so they know exactly what to focus on to get the results they desire. From here, you can work with them to set achievable, measurable goals in a specific time period. Body Composition Analysis makes it easy to track progress against goals, through regular weekly or monthly sessions.

Not only is Body Composition Analysis great for your members, it also brings a host of benefits to your club too, by adding significant value to your service offering, providing you with a competitive edge, which helps to boost member acquisition and member retention.

The ClubWise club management system includes FitSense My Body – an integrated, app-based body composition analysis tool. You can check it out here: www.clubwise.com/mybody

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