Providing support in Peru

Jheymi lives with her grandma, Filomena, in Peru. Jheymi’s Compassion project ran a workshop to teach families to cultivate a vegetable garden at home. Just look at what they’ve grown! Once a pile of weeds and dirt, their garden is now something to be proud of. Filomena explains, “They taught me how to make furrows for irrigation, to lay out the beds correctly and how to fence the plants with nets to protect them.” Not only does the garden provide them with fresh, organic vegetables such as lettuce, corn, beetroot, celery, papaya, spring onions and avocado, they can sell what they don’t ear to others in the community. This income is so valuable as Filomena recently lost her job. Filomena smiles and says, “The people at the centre have always been kind and loving towards us. They’re very good people…thank you for everything!”

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