What Event Organisers Should Consider Before Switching Email Providers

The inbox is the land of opportunity. Maybe you use email to announce your upcoming events. Maybe you use email to share special offers or promotions. Maybe you use email to send follow-up surveys after your events to ensure your attendees’ feedback is heard. 

Email might seem like a simple communication tool, but it’s actually big business. And that big business is growing. According to the Litmus 2021 State of Email Report, “37% of brands are increasing their email budget in 2022, and only 1.3% are making cuts.” 

Email marketing is a crucial part of your brand. That’s why choosing the right email service provider for your business’ specific needs is such an important decision. 

Factors to consider when choosing an email service provider

Before selecting an email service provider, you should understand your email needs. These are linked to your event marketing strategy. What do you hope to accomplish with your email marketing? What audiences do you want to reach? What metrics do you want to measure?

From there, assess the functionality of the email service provider. Pay attention to how the emails will look: What templates are available? Note automation: Can you streamline your workflow with scheduling? Understand the send volume: How many emails can you send per day, and at what cost? And speaking of cost: How does the email service provider fit into your budget?

When to switch email service providers 

Even if an email service provider seems to check all the boxes, there may come a time when you need to take the plunge and switch providers. For Matt Orlove, that time came when he saw abysmal open rates – and learned that there was a better solution for marketing his events. 

Easy email marketing to stay connected 

We’ll toot our own horn! Eventbrite Boost’s email tool is optimised for event marketing. Build your community, see higher open rates, automate your subscriber lists, and be done – in a few clicks. 

Thanks to Eventbrite’s data, people that purchase tickets to your events are automatically added to your subscriber list for easy re-engagement. If you decide to switch email service providers, it’s easy to upload the contact lists you’ve previously created to Boost. And Boost’s auto-fill templates you’ll never have (email) writer’s block again.

Plus, Boost’s email solutions work for your event volume, too. You can effortlessly add one or multiple event listings to your emails. You can even include Call to Action (CTA) buttons, so people can buy tickets right from your emails. 

Open rates 59% better than the industry average

Boost’s email tools provide a major bang for your buck. Get started for free with our events template or subscribe to Eventbrite Boost for more options and send up to 6,000 emails a day, starting at just $15USD/month – half the price of other email platforms.

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