David Davis MP Told to Leave Event for Being “Hammered”

David Davis MP Told to Leave Event for Being “Hammered”

No disciplinary action is to be taken against David Davis MP by the party after he attended a gala dinner on Saturday and was asked to leave for being “hammered”. Local reports claim witnesses said David Davis was behaving in a manner “that was making people uncomfortable”, including touching, hugging and getting too close to people. He was eventually asked to leave by two of his MP colleagues…

“He was hammered and everyone could see he needed to leave. People were very uncomfortable with how he was acting, which would have been inappropriate even if he wasn’t an MP at an official function”

In a statement, the former minister admitted he had had too much to drink at the function and “that was a mistake”. The Australian MP for the Southern Metropolitan Region – who’s behaviour is described above – should not be confused with our own Rt Hon David Davis MP. He can hold his drink

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