Humble Rishi’s Luxury Car Garage

Humble Rishi’s Luxury Car Garage

Another bump in the road for the Chancellor this morning, as the Mirror unravels another string from Rishi’s PR operation.  When asked yesterday Siobhan McDonagh whether he owned a Kia Rio – the car he was seen refuelling for the cameras after the Spring Statement – Rishi replied: “we have a Golf”. Less so a half-truth, more so a quarter-truth at best…

Alongside his family Golf, which he uses to zip around London and is presumably based at his £7 million Kensington Mews house, Rishi also holds the keys to a top-end Range Rover (£94,000) in North Yorkshire, with a BMW and a Lexus also sitting in the garage of his Santa Monica pad, for when he feels the need for speed. A new Lexus can set you back up to £80,000, while top-of-the-range BMWs can fetch over six figures. The kicker is Google Maps currently shows at least four cars parked in the drive of Rishi’s North Yorkshire mansion, none of which are listed above. Is Rishi really all just torque?

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