Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette Review & Swatches 18 Shades

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BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette
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I literally couldn’t wait to get swatching the extremely beautiful Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette and it was such an enjoyable experience! Here’s a look at this 18 pan eyeshadow palette with lots of photos! Enjoy!

What is BYREDO Flora Kalahari Palette?

BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette
Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette

Before I get going with this, I should tell you that this limited edition palette is sold out practically everywhere, although it is still available here at Harrods*. If you want it, you may need to snap it up!

  • 18 shades LIMITED EDITION eyeshadow palette
  • Shade inspiration is an “otherworldly desertscape”
  • Colours range from rom a shimmering copper sandstorm to a barren burnt umber; a delicate desert rose to an intense, sparkling calcite
  • Luminous, easy-to-wear shades
  • Features both warm and cool undertones in matte, sparkling and metallic finishes
  • Longwear, crease-resistant, highly pigmented formula

Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette Swatches

This is the best bit. Swatching this palette was an absolute dream. All the shades are so interesting and the textures are varied and glorious! There was a lot of ooohing and ahhhing going on when I took these photos!

BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette

In photos I’ve seen of this palette, quite a few of she shades look similar-ish (not a word I know), but in real life they are all quite unique from each other.

Snowdust, Clay, Faded Eden, The Graces, Sandstorm, Desert Rock:

BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette Swatches
Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette Swatches

Quicksand, Under the Sky, Earthquake, Petale D’Or, Adventurous, Bravery:

BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette Swatches
Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette Swatches

Oasis Cream, Dried Dahlia, Colcite, Burnt Umber, Epopee, Rose de Sables:

BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette Swatches
Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette Swatches

My Review of Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette

BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette
BYREDO Flora Kalahari​ Palette

This is such a gorgeous palette. The packaging is beautiful, and even though it is shiny and mirror-like, it doesn’t get as fingerprint-y as you’d imagine!

I love the mix of finishes in the palette with mattes, shimmers and glitters, and there is plenty of really interesting duo-chrome action going on too!

All the shades are super creamy, silky and soft, and each one is really pigmented. The textures of Sandstorm and Adventurous are truly out of this world. I think those two may be my absolute favourites from the palette but to be honest, they are all my favourites!!

The formula is super longwearing and it literally stays put with no movement, fading for creasing. It’s really good. Even the glittery glitters are smooth and creamy. Love them.

Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette Video

Where to buy Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette

It is currently sold out at most retailers but is available now at Harrods.

If 18 shades in the Byredo Flora Kalahari Palette is too much and you find a quad more manageable, make sure you check out the new Tom Ford Smoky Quartz palette review.


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