Jolyon Loses Again… Before Reaching Court

Jolyon Loses Again… Before Reaching Court

Jolyon has lost another case, this time before even reaching court. A fundraiser last summer to force councils to stop sending children in care hundreds of miles away from their home, saw the Good Law Project raise almost £45,000 from 1,770 supporters; not reaching the stretch goal of £75,000. Yesterday Mr Justice Choudhury concluded the project did not have an arguable case. Guido would go as far as to say that this was one of the few worthy, rather than political, causes with which Jolyon’s preoccupied himself…

“The Court found that Good Law Project would probably have had standing to bring the claim. It rejected the Secretary of State’s contention that the Runnymede case means we will never have standing.”

In a statement posted by the GLP to their fundraiser, “the judge yesterday found that the court can’t interfere unless a local authority’s actions meet the high threshold of being actions that no reasonable local authority could take.” It’s a shame Jolyon’s scuppered so much good will in the legal system that his more worthy causes are now being added to his list of losses…

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