Wes Streeting Successfully Defines Men & Women

Wes Streeting Successfully Defines Men & Women

An astonishing outburst of common sense from Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting this morning as he manages to answer Julia Hartley-Brewer’s sex questioning with a straightforward response:

“Men have penises, women have vaginas, here ends my biology lesson. That doesn’t mean, by the way, there aren’t people who transition to other genders because they experience gender dysphoria and we should acknowledge that and conduct the debate in a way that respects those people’s rights and dignity.”

This rare straightforward response prompted a round of applause from Julia who lauded him for being able to answer the question, after which Streeting joked that would end his “lefty street cred”. On cue Owen Jones is already complaining that Streeting gave an answer “which led a hard right shock jock to applaud him, and leaves trans women and men even more exposed to being misgendered”. Wes also got that right…

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