Met Police Training Horses to Cross Rainbow Road Crossings

Met Police Training Horses to Cross Rainbow Road Crossings

For years now, woke councils have been spaffing thousands on virtue-signalling LGBT rainbow road crossings. Most recently Camden council spent £25,000 on one such road crossing, despite – as Guido revealed – being warned these are genuine dangers for guide-dog led blind people. It’s not just guide dogs who have problems with such road crossings: in September 2020 Guido covered horrific footage of seemingly homophobic horses refusing to cross one in Leeds. 

Now it seems the Met have had enough of the institutional equine homophobia from their mounted division and sent them on an LGBTQ+ crossing awareness course. Guido genuinely and sincerely hopes he’s been duped by an excellent April Fools…

The Met continues, “We can get the Horses used to them before riding them out in public. A misconception is that horses only see in black and white. They may not see colour the way we do, but they are not ‘colour blind’. Therefore, the differing shades and patterns of a colourful crossing could suggest an obstacle in the road, causing a horse to shy from something that we, as humans do not see.” The woke are literally frightening the horses…

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