Enjoy Your Extra £2,212 MPs

Enjoy Your Extra £2,212 MPs

Happy April 1st. Energy bills have gone up over 50%, council tax is rising, national insurance has gone up, water bills are up, and even VAT on eating and drinking has gone up from 12.5% to 20%. The next year is going to be a long, hard slog for ordinary people. It’s almost unbelievable, therefore, that the news of MPs getting a £2,212 pay rise today hasn’t been more prominent.

Previous IPSA-foisted pay rises have forced MPs to publicly condemn the move and promise to pay it to charity – this time only a couple have. While Guido’s previous call for MP pay to be linked to the country’s economic performance were rejected by IPSA, it is plainly unacceptable for any MP to try trousering this latest handout in light of current conditions. Guido’s not doing an April fools this year – the taxpayer is already being played for one. 

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