Labour Councillor Tells Rishi to “Go Back to India”

Labour Councillor Tells Rishi to “Go Back to India”

A Labour councillor has been suspended and is under investigation after tweeting that Rishi Sunak “should go back to India with his billionaire wife”. If that wasn’t a bad enough statement on its own, Rishi Sunak was of course born in… Southampton.

The tweet came from Peter Carpenter, a representative in Wandsworth who was the local party’s finance spokesperson prior to his suspension. While it was deleted, a couple of eagle-eyed activists managed to grab screenshots. Emails seen by Guido subsequently show Carpenter defending the tweet as it was “deleted shortly after posting it”.

The comments from Carpenter don’t exactly seem an isolated incident down in Wandsworth Labour, however. Looking over other recent behavioural issues among the group, we’ve seen:

  • A councillor denouncing the council leader as “BAME in name only” for being a Tory
  • Two Labour councillors walking out of a council meeting as a proposal to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism was voted on

Wandsworth will undoubtedly be one of the most interesting fights in the upcoming local elections. Definitely one to watch…

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