Easter Event Ideas For Your Community

Whether celebrated for religious reasons or not, Easter is about connecting with our families and communities – something we’ve all missed during COVID-19. There’s a strong tradition of welcoming new beginnings, and with restrictions easing, people are looking forward to celebrating in person. Things are looking up, and although for a while communal events were tricky to plan, 2022 is the year when in-person events are back on track.

As an event creator, you’re in a position to help people make the most of the occasion by hosting an Easter holiday event. So we’ve come up with some great Easter event ideas to help get the celebrations started.

How to make Easter more fun with events

The best place to start is thinking about your audience – focusing on the different ways people celebrate and have fun at Easter means your event can reflect that diversity. For some people, that means celebrating the religious significance of Easter, while for others it’s about chocolate egg hunts and hot cross buns. Position your event in the right way and your guests will go home happy.

People have fun when they feel included. Even when you’re hosting an event for what appears to be a specific audience, such as a church event or a kids’ event, it’s still really important that everyone gets to participate equally. You can do this by making sure everyone can physically access your event and that cultural needs are respected. That way, no one gets left out and your event gains instant credibility.

Luckily, most COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, but by making provisions for safe distancing, good ventilation, and sanitation stations, you can do your bit to keep people safe. And for people who are still unable to attend in person, providing a hybrid element to your event means they can join in with the fun too.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve come up with some fun Easter event ideas aimed at giving your guests a great day out.

Traditional Easter event ideas

1. Easter egg hunt

When it comes to Easter egg event ideas, egg hunts are a classic option. Make your egg hunt extra special with baskets to collect the eggs, an under 5s’ area where eggs are easier to find, and a photo booth to capture those happy faces. Hunting for eggs is hungry work, so securing a food and drink partnership makes great sense too.

2. Church Easter event

For many people, Easter is an important event in their religious calendar. Working with your local churches or religious leaders can help generate church Easter event ideas that celebrate the varied beliefs throughout the community. Why not host an Easter feast after the Easter Sunday service or a multi-faith picnic where members of your wider community can meet and give thanks?

3. Easter farmers’ market

A farmers’ market is a great way for you to work with local businesses and craftspeople to bring the community together. Stallholders can celebrate the Easter theme with lots of tasty samples and produce – think chocolate eggs, bunny cupcakes, and traditional Simnel cake.

Charity Easter event ideas

4. Easter bonnet competition

Encourage your audience to get creative with an Easter bonnet competition. Design ideas can be sent out beforehand and prizes awarded at your event. Your virtual guests can compete by sending in photos of their creations and tagging you on social media as the event creator. Recruiting a local celebrity to judge the bonnets can help you raise more money.

5. Easter raffle or bingo

Raffles work well when you partner with businesses and retail outlets. By offering free or discounted goods, they get to promote their business and you have more raffle prizes. At your bingo event, decorate the tables with an Easter theme and recruit a caller who can liven things up and make people want to keep playing.

6. Easter plant sale

Flowers and plants are closely associated with Easter and spring, so hosting a plant sale is a wonderful way to spread some joy and raise money for a good cause. Partnering with a local garden centre or florist may mean you can offer plants, flowers, seeds, and gifts at discounted prices.

Easter event ideas for kids and families

7. Easter picnic

Easter is the perfect time to get those picnic blankets out. Your tickets could include an option to buy a ready-packed lunch or bring your own. And no family picnic is complete without a few games – Egg & Spoon, Easter Bunny Sack Race, and Toss the Egg, to name a few.

8. Easter craft fair

Easter and crafts are a tried-and-tested combination – it’s an excuse for the whole family to get creative and a little bit messy. For the price of their ticket, you could provide an expert to help your guests paint hard-boiled eggs, make an Easter hat, or decorate an Easter bunny. Why not recruit face painters, jugglers, and balloon twisters to host the perfect Easter fair?

9. Easter brunch

Brunch is often one for the parents, but why not invite the kids too? Give your brunch an Easter-egg theme with classics like Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, or Eggs Royale. And for the kids, decorated boiled eggs and bunny-shaped sandwiches go down a treat. A glass of fizz for the grown-ups and a chocolate egg for the kids add extra Easter cheer.

Easter event ideas for adults

10. Easter egg hunt with a difference

Not all Easter egg hunt event ideas have to be aimed at kids. For adults, why not book out a venue and fill it with surprises they’ll want to find, like mini bottles of alcohol, beauty gifts, vouchers for local businesses, or gourmet chocolate treats? Or add another dimension by hosting an indoor egg hunt complete with cocktails, canapes, and candles.

11. Easter holiday hoedown

It’s time that adults were getting back out there and letting their hair down. You provide the hay bales, live music, and line dancing instructor – your guests will do the rest. Line dancing is hungry work, so make sure there are plenty of refreshment opportunities. Cowboy boots are actively encouraged.

Time to get cracking

Now you’re feeling inspired, it’s time to get cracking on planning the perfect Easter event. Sign up to host your next event with Eventbrite.

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