NHS Cult Now Want to Know Tory MPs’ Private Medical Details

NHS Cult Now Want to Know Tory MPs’ Private Medical Details

Forget committing the cardinal sin of questioning the NHS’s budget, it now seems followers of the UK’s largest religion are intent on prying into Tory MPs’ medical affairs. Browsing WhatDoTheyKnow – a database of public FoI requests and answers – Guido spots ‘Save Our NHS in Kent’ have developed a concern that Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay might be daring to not use our National Health Service. Surely a resigning matter…

Mackinlay says he is more than aware of the Carly Jeffrey in question, who was the agent for his Labour opponent in 2019, and whose local party branch have become obsessed with this conspiracy. The Thanet MP tells Guido that he’s surprised by Jeffrey’s claims of his medical arrangements given she’d only know with access to the records of the accountancy firm in question; he is willing to “save her the trouble” of any further investigating into the theory, specifying “this is categorically not the case”. God forbid any Tories dare have private health arrangements outside the scope of our beloved NHS…

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