Réduit Uni Skin and Hair Device Review

PR Sample – I was sent a Réduit Uni and four pods to help aid this review.

Are you looking for a new way to apply your skin and hair care? Are you after something that offers reduced packaging with advanced features? Then Réduit is a brand you might just be excited to hear about.

Who is Réduit?

Réduit means Reduce in French and their product is all about reducing. Reducing packaging, reducing steps and reducing the time needed to apply. While enhancing results, efficiency and beauty.

They look to offer enhanced skin and hair care that is more precise, sustainable and effective than other brands.

To do this they have come up with a range of devices that utilise magnetic misting and ultrasonic diffusion technologies. Which is said to allow skin and hair care products to penetrate the skin deeper and be absorbed faster.

By choosing to use only active ingredients and cutting out unnecessary fillers they have reduced their product waste by 20x.

Offering a range of hair and skincare products Réduit are able to target different concerns while allowing all products to be delivered by one universal device.

Réduit Uni

Réduit Uni Skin and Hair Device

Réduit offers a number of devices to choose from however the Réduit Uni is the most compact offering. Making it perfect for travel, even including a little bag to be packed safely in. Other options such as the “One” offer a boost feature and a more ergonomic design.

However whichever device you go for they all accept every SmartPod offered both in the skin and haircare range.

Personally, I found the Réduit Uni fits neatly into the palm of my hand, offering the right size and weight for me to deal with. It is re-charged easily via USB with the ring light around the device meaning you can easily see when it is fully charged.

The device is worked by a small button to the side, pushing it once to turn it on, twice to boost and three times to turn it off.

The Réduit Uni comes in a choice of 4 colourways and comes in at an RRP of £89.

Réduit SmartPods

Réduit Uni Skin and Hair Device and Pods Flatlay

At the moment there are 24 SmartPods on offer across the range, with some offering the choice of with or without an enhancing LED light treatment.

However, what makes them different?

SmartPods include only active ingredients meaning the 5ml of product includes 10 – 20 ingredients compared to more traditional products with 30 – 35. The 5ml is also the equivalent of 50ml of traditional skincare products or 100ml of haircare products.

SmartPods are simple to use; remove the sealing cap and place it into the Réduit device, and turn it gently until you hear a click. Press the on button and position it around 3cm from the treatment area. The device will pulse every 5 seconds as a reminder for you to move areas. After use, reattach the sealing cap, remove and keep it safe for next time.

I was kindly sent 4 SmartPods to try they were:

Precision Conditioner LED Hairpod.

A hair treatment that offers protection from everyday heat styling and a frizz-free finish. The product application is accompanied by a blue LED light which is said to have a calming effect, reduce inflation and target harmful bacteria.

I found this a useful pod to use when I was applying any heat to my hair. Offering the ability to protect the hair while taming the fizz. However, the name made me think it was a leave-in conditioner which really doesn’t cover all it offers.

The Precision Conditioner LED Hairpod comes in at £27.90 (or without the LED £22.90).

Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod

This treatment is all about improving the quality and shine of your hair. Offering vital moisture for your hair, while taming flyaways. This pod uses a green LED light which helps keep your sebaceous glands under control and maintains the health of your scalp.

Personally, this was my favourite of the hairpods, I felt like it was offering something more to my hair. Leaving it looking and feeling better, with the flyaways definitely a bit more under control. Plus it left my hair smelling great! For me, this is a SmartPod I would really consider rebuying.

The Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod comes in at £27.90 (or without the LED £22.90).

Precision Shield LED Skinpod

Offering skin protection from external aggressors, while providing nourishment after sun exposure, while the yellow LED light helps to alleviate redness.

This is a really nice skinpod, I do feel like it has helped to protect my skin during the day. I feel like it will really come in handy when the weather gets better and of course, makes the perfect travel skinpod if you are heading to the beach.

The Precision Shield LED Skinpod comes in at £32.90 (or £28.90 without the LED).

Pearl Diffusion Skinpod

A daily treatment for those who wish to even out their skin tone, while brightening dull skin.

I find both the skinpods offer a really refreshing application, your skin just feels a bit more revived and ready for the day after application. This one, in particular, seemed to work well with my skin, offering a more even skin tone with continued usage.

The Pearl Diffusion Skinpod comes in at £37.90 (or £41.90 with LED)

Overall Thoughts

Réduit Uni Skin and Hair Device and Pods

I quickly found that I was reaching for the system, especially in the morning. Which is normally the time I fail to use any skincare. This system just made it quick and easy to apply within seconds, which when I’m feeling a bit out of it is perfect.

The pods stay on between 15 seconds Precision Shield LED and 60 seconds (the others). I’m not quite sure why there is such a difference. The website does mention 15-second treatments, so should they all be 15-seconds I’m not sure. (I did try and ask but got no response). However, I do feel that 15-seconds isn’t quite long enough so the 60 seconds does me fine.

Personally, I definitely see myself rebuying pods in the future. Including trying out some other pods they have on offer. What’s more, they also offer the ability to recycle your used SmartPods with them and in return, you can claim a free pod with your next offer.

Over time I would be interested to try the non-LED versions vs the LED to see which I find works better, as I’m not 100% sure if a quick LED blast would do much to help?

Pricewise it took me a while to get into my head that I should be thinking about the price of pods compared to the equivalent in skin or haircare. When you get your head around that, the pods seem better value for money. What’s more, there are a number of value packs, while signing up for a subscription offers a free Réduit Uni with your first order.

You can find out more about Réduit and all they have to offer over on the website.

What do you think about the sound of the Réduit Uni and the SmartPods?

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Réduit Uni Skin and Hair Device Review Find out more about this unique beauty device that offers a unique enhanced delivery system for both skin and hair products.

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