Bray May Face Police Investigation Over Harassment

Bray May Face Police Investigation Over Harassment

Steve Bray’s days in SW1 could be numbered, as Guido hears Michael Fabricant’s letter to Hoyle last month – asking for potential legal action against Bray for chasing after MPs – has led parliamentary authorities to pull their finger out. Word reaches Guido towers that they’ve started gathering a body of evidence against Bray to submit to the Parliamentary Security Department, with a view to forwarding that evidence to make a case for prosecution. Bray’s bout with Anderson, posted to Guido, was apparently considered “good evidence” for action…

To be honest Guido has mixed feelings about banning or prosecuting Bray, sure he’s an irritation, he’s also a sign that we’re a tolerant democracy. Fabbers says he’ll believe it when it happens“. Time will tell…

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