No. 10 Levels Down Nicknames

No. 10 Levels Down Nicknames

Among the post-Partygate clear-out of Boris’s top team in No. 10 was his PPS Martin Reynolds, whose infamous ‘BYOB’ email invite – leaked to ITV – swiftly earned him the SW1 nickname of “Party Marty”. Instead of being fired he was foundy a comfy Foreign Office role…

No sooner was he out the door, then Peter Wilson was in, swapping an ambassadorship in carnival loving Brazil for Partygate central. As Downing Street tries to move on from Partygate, they will be pleased to learn that Wilson’s opposition to a repeat of his predecessor’s antics has swiftly earned him a clunky nickname of his own – “No Parties Peter”. Alas it seems this reflects a new culture of staff actually getting on with the work they’re paid to do…

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