Sturgeon’s Book Publisher Still Under Investigation for Fraud

Sturgeon’s Book Publisher Still Under Investigation for Fraud

Back in November Guido reported on how Sandstone Press, the publisher of Nicola Sturgeon’s little tartan book, was facing fraud allegations for trousering over £295,000 of taxpayers’ cash in loans and grants since 2019. A figure which actually rises to £500,000 when accounting for the grants from Creative Scotland over the last 15 years…

Last night the police confirmed the investigation into Sandstone is still ongoing, with rival firm Strident Publishing accusing them of lying about the number of people they employed, and deliberately changing the location of the firm to an area which would allow them to claim more financial support. Not to mention the fact that the company’s managing director, Robert Davidson, is a vocal SNP supporter… 

Her “nationalised publisher” under investigation and national press now banned from her manifesto launch. Is it any wonder Chairman Nicola named her book after a Mao quote?

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