Carole’s Quiet Crowdfunder Switcheroo – Guido Fawkes

Carole’s Quiet Crowdfunder Switcheroo

Usually-prolific tweeter Carole Cadwalladr has been mysteriously quiet since Guido revealed she’d been unlawfully soliciting crowd-raised funds via her struck-off company, We The Citizens Ltd. When Guido went to pixel, her active crowdfunding page was still soliciting and taking donations. Today it still is, albeit with one quiet change…

The registered beneficiary of the page has been switched from the struck off We The Citizens Ltd. to All The Citizens.

Guido was particularly amused to see, among the overnight donors, one named Alan Simpson donating £20 along with the message, “Guido had another go at you. Good luck.” Guido is happy to take Carole’s quiet change as an admission he was correct…

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