Crystal Healing – Did it Help My Anxiety by Kay Caton

If like me have ever wondered if crystal healing could be for you, then today’s post from Kay who blogs at Kay Caton is the perfect read. Kay is a UK lifestyle and mental health blogger and offers some really interesting points of view on a range of subjects, so once you have read this post, please do head over and check out her blog.

After suffering from a third panic attack in a month, I knew I needed to start focusing on easing anxiety and reducing stress. I was recommended to try a holistic therapy treatment like reiki or reflexology, but one I was drawn to the most, was crystal healing.

I’d had crystals incorporated into facial treatments in the past, but I’d never had a whole session dedicated to them. I didn’t know a great deal about crystals at this point, nor did I really know their purpose and how they were supposed to “heal” me. All I did know was that crystals were pretty and I’m willing to give new things a try. Whether I believe in them or not, or even if I don’t understand them, I wanted to see if I can use them as a way of managing my anxiety.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an energy-based system, using crystals to help purify, balance and realign our bodies and minds. The crystals are used to unblock each chakra as a therapist works their way through all seven, aiming to heal your body in a therapeutic way. Different types of crystals are used depending on the chakra being worked on, or based on the energy the therapist is feeling, or what the client needs.

What happened during my first crystal healing session?

During my first session, the therapist talked me through the process and what each crystal represented and which chakra they were for. She also talked me through some Reiki stones she had, which she’d use throughout the treatment. This wasn’t hands-on therapy – no touch is involved unlike some reiki sessions which involve the therapist holding their hands on each chakra, rather than hovering.

To get started, I sat back on a recliner chair, eyes closed, and meditation music on with gongs in the background. Each time a gong sounded, this would be the therapist’s cue to move on to the next chakra, working their way through all seven. In total, the session was around 30 minutes long. Once the last chakra was complete, the therapist would let me know they’re going to do one final head-to-toe cleanse to ensure everything is aligned, and then I can open my eyes. Afterwards, the therapist talked me through where they felt blockages. Mine were in my throat and crown chakra – likely linked to constant overthinking, and bottling up things I needed to say.

quartz crystal and zen stones with candles

Although there was no hands-on work being done, I could feel various sensations throughout the session. Firstly, I could feel the tension I was holding in my legs and shoulders slowly disappear. This was coupled with a warmth spreading in my feet and my hands. Throughout the duration of the session, I was mainly focused on my breathing, rather than letting my mind wander off and begin to overthink (as always, thank you anxiety!). But half way through, I began to feel very sleepy and even nodded off for a couple minutes! I was so relaxed, even in a stranger’s home having a treatment I’d never had before, and I fell asleep for a brief moment – I would’ve never thought that’d happen.

Did it help my anxiety?

Coloured glass crystals against a rainbow backdrop

I didn’t know what to expect after the session, as I’d never read up on other people’s experiences before. Once I opened my eyes, I felt like I’d woken up from a really good nap. I felt really calm, happy and relaxed. Attending the session, I was highly anxious. It was during a time when my panic attacks were regular and it was the first time driving since one too, so I was just happy to have arrived without needing to pull over. After the session, all my anxiety symptoms disappeared. No more chest tightness, gut gurgling, feeling warm or brain fog.

In fact, I managed to go two days with no anxiety symptoms after the session. This was a big difference for me, as I’d suffered with these symptoms daily for two years and then poof! All gone…even if only temporary.

Overall, I highly recommend trying a crystal healing session. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, wanting a general pamper day, or are looking for ways to ease anxiety symptoms, it’s helped me so much.

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Have you ever wondered about crystal healing? In this post, Kay Caton goes into how she found using crystals in her fight against anxiety.

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