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e11even Fragrance Oil Review - Cat Deeley & Amanda Grossman
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e11even Fragrance Oil is a creation from Cat Deeley and her friend and makeup artist Amanda Grossman. It is a beautifully calming yet uplifting fragrance that’s as much a therapy as it is a perfume. I have been testing it out.

What is e11even Fragrance Oil?

e11even Fragrance Oil
e11even Fragrance Oil

e11even is a unisex fragrance oil created by Amanda Grossman and Cat Deeley. Amanda has done Cat’s makeup for years and they have a strong friendship as a result.

The formula for e11even Fragrance Oil has been 11 years in the making. It uses a unique blend of ingredients and pure essential oils, and it’s actually a fragrance that Amanda has been wearing for most of her career. I have met Amanda. She actually did my makeup once years ago, and she is amazing! I met Cat once too with Pantene, and she is as lovely as you’d expect.

Over the years, Amanda has used the fragrance blend that’s now evolved into e11even Fragrance Oil on many of her clients to help them relax and take away the stresses of the moment. It’s an incredibly relaxing blend and is designed to energise as well as calm, so it’s perfect for helping you deal with daily life.

  • All the ingredients were sourced and harvested responsibly and ethically
  • The product is vegan and cruelty free
  • The formula is free from alcohol, palm oil and parabens
  • Manufactured and filled in the UK
  • Uses MIRON Violetglass, a unique biophotonic glass used for natural products and protects potency
  • All secondary packaging has been sourced to be as eco conscious as possible

The Notes

Once applied to the skin, e11even fragrance oil “bursts open with fresh top notes of rose and geranium, with a sparkling citrus note – then warms down to earthy patchouli woods from Indonesia, drying down to an almost ethereal veil of amber undertones.”

My Review of e11even Fragrance Oil

e11even Fragrance Oil
e11even Fragrance Oil

This is a pretty unique fragrance because it has such a strong emphasis on its therapeutic powers to relax and calm whilst also energising.

Most of my favourite fragrances I wear simply because I love how they smell, but e11even Fragrance Oil takes it a step further because it really is so comforting.

It is very fresh and almost herby for me when first applied, but what I love about it is the dry down which is soft and skin-like with that earthy edge of patchouli and the sensuality of amber. It’s creamy and warm and smooth.

I found it really long lasting, and I love the rollerball application that super convenient and minimises any waste. It all goes straight on the skin and you don’t lose any in the air. Love it.

Where to buy it

e11even Fragrance Oil is £80 for 20ml bottle with rollerball. It’s available exclusively on the e11even site.

My other new favourite of the moment is Salty Amber from the upcoming new collection from Jo Malone called Wild Swimming. I have all the details in my Wild Swimming Blog Post.


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