Zahawi Accuses Labour of “Shenanigans” Over Partygate Probe

Zahawi Accuses Labour of “Shenanigans” Over Partygate Probe

It all kicks off in the Commons from 11.30 this morning as MPs debate the government’s amendment to Labour’s Partygate probe motion. Following the announcement last night that No.10 is seeking to have the vote on allowing the Privileges Committee to investigate after the Sue Gray report is published, the government’s line on all this is that Labour are just playing party politics, and it’s only right to wait for Sue Gray to publish before opening an investigation. Nadhim Zahawi made this morning’s media round to push the message:

“Due process is important, and what we are tabling today is an amendment to say… the right chronology is that the police complete their investigation […] the Sue Gray report is published, and then Parliament can decide to refer to the privileges committee… if you want to play politics with this, then the shenanigans Labour are attempting today is the route.” 

Some government hints that when that vote finally comes, it might be a free vote after all – a small concession to buy off potential rebels. Today’s amendment is still a three line whip, obviously… 

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