How to Work Through and Get Out of a Creative Block

So how am I working my way out of such a deep creative block?

Without making it sound like it was simple or quick, because it really wasn’t, I stopped being so hard on myself. None of the self comparison or feelings of guilt did anything for my lack of creativity – except keep it stifled and keep me feeling that way. As soon as I gave myself a break, both literally and mentally, things started to finally clear. I’m definitely still feeling a lack of inspiration and there’s been more than one opportunity where I could’ve been a lot kinder to myself while navigating my work, but making moves doesn’t always involve huge strides. Sometimes they’re just little, successful, steps. 

Step One 

Acknowledge that the discomfort of losing your creativity is temporary. It will without a doubt pass and things will change. 

Step Two 

Try to stop beating yourself up about things you can’t control. That feeling of guilt and frustration benefits no one. 

Step Three 

Give yourself a break. Acknowledge any self imposed goals that can be put aside for now and allow yourself some space. 

Step Four 

Wait. I know that feels like the opposite of productivity but truly I’m sat here typing away and chatting to you guys because I did just this. 

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