TalkTV’s Tom Missed Getting a Partygate Scoop

TalkTV‘s Tom Missed Getting a Partygate Scoop

Congratulations to all at TalkTV for their launch last night, which thankfully for Murdoch was clearly more rehearsed than GB News’s out-of-the-gate offering. Guido’s already covered Piers’s first offering with Donald, though Tom Newton Dunn’s hour-long panel discussions has, for obvious reasons, attracted less attention. The green-screen set hosted the new regular panel discussion format, with regular participants set to appear every week on a regular night. Those include:

  • Former Sky News anchor Adam Boulton
  • Former Evening Standard editor Emily Sheffield
  • TalkTV political editor and former Telegraph correspondent Kate McCann
  • Deputy Sun editor-in-chief and former Downing Street director of communications James Slack
  • Author Douglas Murray
  • Former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott
  • Tribune writer Grace Blakeley

Last night we got Anas Sarwar, Kate McCann and former Downing Street Director of Communications, James Slack. Given this was Slack’s first public appearance since leaving No. 10, Guido was expecting questions to be asked about he story de jour – Partygate – none were forthcoming. Instead they opted to chat about the British soldier captured by the Russians, whether Civil Servants should get back to the office, and Google nudging users to use “inclusive language”. It’s a shame Tom missed the chance to ask James for his insight into the Downing Street parties he attended – thankfully there’s always next Monday for a scoop!

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