Eco-Zealots Cover BEIS in Paint

Eco-Zealots Cover BEIS in Paint

The moment one band of eco-zealots retreats, another rises up to take its place. Today it’s ‘Axe Drax’s’ turn in the spotlight, this morning showing up at BEIS HQ to drench the entrance in orange paint in protest against the department’s supposed support of tree-burning. Presumably they didn’t get the memo that BEIS are supporting plans to grow one million trees in their Net Zero strategy

Still, never let the facts get in the way of a good photo op. The loons are currently loitering around the department squawking about ‘reparations’ and Drax Global. Fortunately, at least one has already been arrested. Meanwhile, a departmental source tells Guido “we do not negotiate with terrorists.” Enjoy the padded cells…


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