Jolyon Wants You to Fix His Reputation

Jolyon Wants You to Fix His Reputation

After having his reputation diminished in the High Courts of the land, Jolyon needs to now spend some time licking his wounds. For the princely sum of £80,000 – presumably crowdfunded by his gullible supporters – you could help dig him out of this self-dug hole. According to recruiters, the Good Law Project is looking for a Director of Campaigns to get his operation back on the road with responsibility for:

  • Developing and implementing a new campaigns-centred operating model
  • Recruiting and setting up the campaigns team
  • Working with the Head of Tech – develop the organisation’s outward-facing digital platforms and products (specifically the main website improvements, CRM including data management approach and structure and the support services software)
  • Growing the stakeholder reach by 30% including key audiences
  • Growing the number of regular donations by 5%

If you also know how to win any of these campaigns in an actual court, Guido imagines that would be valued…

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