BBC Sideline Daily Mail ‘Beer Starmer’ Front Page

BBC Sideline Daily Mail ‘Beer Starmer’ Front Page

Viewers tuning into BBC Breakfast this morning would be forgiven for not knowing Labour have been caught lying and covering up facts to do with Sir Keir’s beer party up in Durham. Despite tge Daily Mail’s massive splash on Angie Rayner’s participationBBC Breakfast’s paper review seemed to miss it out…

When they finally got around to discussing the exposé, political correspondent Iain Watson was at pains to emphasise Labour’s absurd line that it was just an “honest mistake”, incredibly kind framing Guido’s sure Downing Street would not receive. The Metropolitan Police decided to U-turn and investigate No. 10’s parties after months of media pressure, now Labour’s been caught out the establishment media is doing its best to downplay the rule breaking. Labour must be thanking their lucky stars…

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