Green Party Runs Out of Local Voter Endorsements

Green Party Runs Out of Local Voter Endorsements

For anyone who thinks LibDem bar charts are the biggest fibs being posted through people’s letterboxes at election time, check out the blag being pulled off by the Worcester Green Party. Voters in Gorse Hill Ward are currently receiving campaign leaflets for Green candidate Heather McNeillis, who has a glowing endorsement from a ‘Nicola’ of Honister Drive:

“I usually vote Conservative, but this time I’m voting for Heather because she will help make positive changes to our area.”

Unfortunately, the Greens tripped themself up by including a photo of said ‘Nicola’ on the leaflet. Taking a look one ward south to Nunnery we see a remarkably similar-looking lady appears to be standing for the Green Party.

Nicola’s doppelgänger goes by the name of Nicky Silvester, however, so it couldn’t possibly be the same person… Could it?

Hat-tip: Michael Foster

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