Three signs you’re ready to turn your passion into your own business

If lockdown taught us anything, it was just how important it is to be passionate about what you do. While living for the weekend may have been a viable lifestyle pre-pandemic, lockdown highlighted just how much of our time we spend working – and subsequently, just how much our working days impact our overall well-being.

We’re far from the only ones who came to this realisation, though. Just ask the thousands who decided to propel their passions into viable businesses over the past couple of years. In fact, new research from GoDaddy has found that the percentage of microbusiness owners under 35 has more than doubled since the start of the pandemic.

Yep, in a landmark study of more than 2 million GB businesses, GoDaddy’s Venture Forward research found that not only did microbusinesses soar during lockdown, but businesses formed after March 2020 are also more likely to have been started by women, and people from minority ethnic groups and disadvantaged backgrounds.

3 signs you’re ready to turn your passion into your own business

A new study by GoDaddy has revealed the changing face of microbusinesses.

So wave goodbye to the days of the old boys club, and say hello to the first chapter of your new business venture. Here are three signs you’re finally ready to take that next step.

Nobody else could do it quite like you

Whatever your passion, chances are somebody’s already turned it into a business. Flower shops? Done it. Online vintage marketplace? There are plenty to go around. But that, budding entrepreneurs, is so not the point. What matters is that nobody could do what you do quite like you. Because one of the major USPs of any business is the person behind it. So if you’re as determined about your business idea as you are passionate, it’s probably a good time to start drawing up that business plan and researching that domain. (But more on that in just a second.)

You know your competition inside out

If you don’t know your competition like the back of your hand, ask yourself: is this really what I’m passionate about? If, for example, you’d like to start a sustainable clothing brand, but don’t know the first thing about other brands on the market, it might be time to reassess.

But if you’re keeping a running list of all the things you’d do differently from your competitors – from customer service to pattern cutting? Well, there’s a very good chance you’re onto a winner.

3 signs you’re ready to turn your passion into your own business with Marie Claire and GoDaddy

The percentage of microbusiness owners under 35 has more than doubled since the start of the pandemic.

Our friends at GoDaddy help small businesses stand out from their competitors by offering everything they need to create a unique and memorable online presence. Far from being just a platform from where you can build your website (though that part’s majorly important, too), GoDaddy is an all-in-one solution provider to get your business idea online.

You’re willing to put the work in (and make some mistakes along the way)

Hard work and passion alone won’t guarantee that your business will succeed. But without them, your business will fall flat before it even gets off the starting line. Risk of failure is inevitable, but it’s the learning that comes from failure that’s non-negotiable for a small business owner. In fact, one of the best parts about being an entrepreneur is that you get to learn something new – both about your business and yourself – every day.

Setting out on your own doesn’t mean you’re completely without help, though. GoDaddy is a partner for every step of your journey. Whatever your levels of technical know-how, the small business champion is a one-stop shop when it comes to building your business from the code up, with expert advice and support from GoDaddy Guides whenever you need it.

Ready to take a leap? Get started with GoDaddy now.

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