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Do you suffer from hay fever? I’ve been lucky in the fact that while I have some symptoms of hay fever, they haven’t been as bad as that of some other people I know. My Dad in particular has suffered badly from hay fever over the years.

So I know that as many of us are happy that spring is finally on its way, for others it can be a hard time of year. In fact, around 13 million Brits suffer during the hay fever season. That is where Xlear can help.

What is Xlear?

XLEAR Nasal Spray

Some people don’t want to rely on antihistamines long term for relief from hey fever. This could be down to personal preference, or the side effects that come with the medication.

So it is interesting to hear the experts believe that naval cleansing could help relieve allergies. The nose is of course the place where many allergens enter the body. While the nose helps to filter the air, the idea that it may need cleaning could be new to some people. Yet make sense.

For instance, Dr Gustavo Ferrer believes that cleansing the nose can lead to; a boost immunity, preventing congestion, and suppressing allergies before they the enter upper respiratory tract.

In particular, a saline rinse with xylitol such as Xlear has been shown to have a greater effect to wash the nose. Allowing Irrigation of the sinuses with a xylitol solution, which helps to enhance the body’s natural defences by pulling extra moisture out of swollen tissues and thinning the mucus.

Xlear Sinus Care Saline Nasal Spray comes in at £11.99 for 40ml and can be bought from independent health stores and Amazon (affiliate link). While you can find out more about Xlear as well as see the rest of their range on their website.


hay fever season ahead sign

Xlear has kindly offered up two bottles of Xlear nasal spray for me to giveaway. Meaning two lucky winners will be able to win a bottle each. (Please note Xlear are in the middle of changing the look of their bottles, so the bottle you receive may look different to those shown in the post).

So how can you be in with a chance of winning? All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Gleam widget below.

Win 1 of 2 Bottles of Xlear Nasal Spray.

Good Luck!

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Are you struggling with allergies? Is hay fever getting you down? Then find out more about XLEAR nasal spray and enter to win a bottle.

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