Government to Finally Scrap Pointless Cookie Pop-Up Requests

Government to Finally Scrap Pointless Cookie Pop-Up Requests

Co-conspirators will be familiar with Guido’s longstanding test of whether the government is really committed to diverging from the over-regulation of the EU: do they abolish the endless online pop-up banners reminding users that websites will use cookies to store information about them. The banners are both obvious and tedious – we all immediately clicks yes, yet they pop up constantly as we surf the web. A typical, pointless EU directive.

Despite plenty of lip service from the likes of Oliver Dowden, the pop-ups still persists. Today, however, the cookie may finally crumble. Guido understands the Queen’s speech will contain an explicit promise to end the annoying, time-wasting requirement for cookie box-ticking via the new Data Reform Bill. The process will be streamlined, and everyone will save a few precious seconds of their day – at long last. Brexit was worth it.

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