Yvette Activewear for Plus Sizes Review

AD – Yvette Active Wear sent me the products shown in this post free of charge to help with this review.

You might be thinking wait a second Sarah, why are you reviewing activewear? Honestly, it is perhaps something I thought I would never do.

I’ve recently found that activewear can offer a very comfortable choice, for example, on days when even my skin hurts it has become my go-to. Putting on a pair of leggings and a no seam sports bra means I at least feel like I managed to get dressed that day.

Sometimes you really just need to think outside of the box and make sure your clothes help you be as comfortable as possible.

Who is Yvette?

Yvette Activwear Echo Yoga Leggings and Echo Sports Bra

Yvette is a professional sports brand that looks to support all women. They work around 3 c’s with all their products; confidence, comfort and characteristic. This means they look to provide high-quality products, made with only the most comfortable fabrics in unique feminine designs.

They believe that no matter your size from petite to plus size you should be catered to. When it comes to their sports bras, they realise that even a 3mm cutting error can make a difference to the support and comfort, as such they offer 12 sizes, ranging from XS to 5XL.

Yvette kindly sent me three items from their range to try out.

Echo Yoga Leggings

Yvette Active Wear Echo Yoga Leggings

First off I went for a pair of Echo Yoga Leggings. These particular leggings offer light support and as I will be mostly wearing these around the home or using them for physiotherapy, I didn’t need anything more supportive.

However, if you are looking to use them for a specific workout, you are going to want to look for the right support. For instance, light support is great for yoga, while for running you would want high support.

The Echo Yoga Leggings come in a choice of 3 colours and 8 sizes. They have been made with 75% recycled polyester and feature a high waist style, with slight compression for low impact activities.

One of my favourite things about this pair of leggings is the seamless waistband. Especially on days when my skin is sore, any seams or elastic feel like they are cutting me in half. They are also breathable and wonderfully stretchy.

For me, these are the perfect pair of comfortable leggings. Allowing me to relax comfortably and easily do any physio activities.

The Echo Yoga Leggings come in at £38.

Echo Shirring Padded Yoga Bra

Yvette Activewear Echo Shirring Padded Yoga Bra

Coming in as the perfect partner for the Echo Leggings is the Echo Shirring Padded Yoga Bra. It comes in the same three colours as the leggings and is once again made from 75% recycled polyester. At this time this is the only low support sports bra available in plus sizes.

Offering a scoop neckline, four-way stretch and scrunched detailing the Echo Shirring Padded Yoga Bra offers an all in one top.

The pads inside are non-removable and made from a soft microfiber lining.

Personally, I found this a really comfortable bra. I can imagine in the summer I might just pull this one with the leggings and wear it around the bungalow as it is breathable and lightweight. The bra itself has no clasps so can either be pulled on over the head or stepped into.

The Echo Shirring Padded Yoga Bra comes in at £38.

Enfold Zip Front Padded Running Bra

Yvette Activewear Enfold Zip Front Padded Running Bra

Last up is the Enfold Zip Front Padded Running Bra. This is a high support bra with a racerback and a wide elasticated underband. The fabric chosen to make this bra has a sweat-wicking ability making it comfortable to wear while working out.

The reason I personally decided to try this bra out was the fact it offers the ability to zip it up from the font. More than ever I am struggling with my left side, making putting on a traditional bra without help impossible.

This particular bra has been comfortable to wear and supports well. Of course, I’ve not been running it so I won’t pretend to have any idea how this bra would stand up to a good workout. However, it does seem to offer good support from what I can tell and is comfortable to wear.

The Enfold Zip Front Padded Running Bra comes in at £28.

Overall Thoughts on Yvette Activewear

Enfold Zip Front Padded Running Bra from Yvette Activewear

Of course, I can’t give you a definite answer to how these pieces stand up in a workout. However, I can tell you I find them both comfortable and supportive. They have helped me at a time I am really struggling to feel comfortable. Offering me the chance to get dressed and feel like I have accomplished something. 

No matter, if you are looking for activewear that helps you in your workout, or something to just be comfortable in if you struggle like me, I definitely suggest checking out Yvette.

To find out more about Yvette Activewear please do check out their website.

What do you think of the sound of Yvette, would you like to try this brand out?

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Yvette Activewear: Are you looking for a comfortable activewear brand that caters for XS to 5XL then check out this review of Yvette.

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