Koddle Relaxation Products Review – Life in a Break Down

AD – I was sent the products in this post from Koddle to help with this review.

We all know getting a good night’s sleep can be hard, especially when suffering from aches, pains or even just when trying to switch off your brain after a long day.

Some nights I find the pain keeps me up, while other nights my mind takes off at 500 miles an hour. This is where Koddle comes in.

Who is Koddle?

It all started when two sets of exhausted parents got together and spoke about their aches, pains and broken sleep patterns. From there the concept of Koddle grew.

With an aim of offering products for all the family, their products help with issues from period cramps, to sports injuries, as well as helping relieve stress and to help you unwind.

It is from this idea that their tagline “Sometimes Everyone Needs a Koddle” stems.

I was kindly sent a collection of items from the Koddle range to try out.

The Pink Whisper – Sleep Mask

Koddle Relaxation Products

Koddle offers a range of vegan sleep masks in a collection of colours, all of which come with a matching vegan silk storage pouch.

It has been made to black out the world around you, yet still, be comfortable. For me, comfort is a huge thing, I’ve used weighted eye masks before, however, I’ve found they leave my eyes very sore. I’m not sure if this is perhaps down to my keratoconus. The Pink Whisper however is lightweight and puts no pressure on the eyes. Meaning it is completely comfortable, as well as being adjustable.

Worried about reusing a product in your eye area? Well never fear as this eyemask is washable at home too.

The Pink Whisper lives up to my expectations of a sleep mask and even raises the bar. Blacking out the light, sitting comfortably across your eyes and helping you relax and unwind at night. It is even said to not damage your hairstyle.

The eye mask collection from Koddle comes in at £24.99 each.

The Pebble – Heatable

Koddle Products for Relaxation

If like me, you struggle with pain then a heatable from Koddle could be the perfect addition to your home. These flexible, long heatables can be placed in the microwave or in the freezer, depending on if hot or cold treatments work best for you.

Offered in a choice of colours, velvet or fleece fabric and with or without lavender. You can really choose a heatable that matches your likes.

The great thing about the heatable is it can be used for so many ailments. From headaches to sore backs and period pain. Personally, I will probably use this for cold treatments, especially with the summer on the way. Due to the length, it can easily be wrapped around the shoulders or across the back or stomach.

I am really impressed with the quality of The Pebble, it offers a nice weight and just a subtle scent of lavender. As someone who has quite a lot of pain going on, having such items for me is a must. I particularly find heat across my shoulder blades can make a big difference.

The heatable range comes in at £14.99.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Everyone Needs a Koddle

Essential oils can be wonderful for helping you relax and unwind. However, the range for Koddle all goes a step further. They are carefully chosen for their health benefits, for instance, I had no idea that peppermint essential oil is said to help relieve headaches and IBS symptoms.

I think most people have their favourite way to use essential oils, with the favourites being used in a diffuser or with a few drops added into a bath. (Please don’t forget to add carrier oils where needed and dilute as necessary).

Personally, my favourite way to use peppermint oil is in a diffuser, especially when I am feeling a bit congested. I often find that it really does help to clear the airways a little, as well as release a wonderful scent around the home.

The essential oil range from Koddle comes in at £9.99.

Overall Thoughts

I am really impressed with Koddle and the way they have thought out their products and how they will work for each person. Every listing has a clear indication of all its benefits and how it can be used.

All of the items offered can be easily put into your routine and reached for when times get tough.

Koddle is a company I will definitely look to buy from in the future. In particular, I would be really interested in trying out their sleep sprays. I can also see myself buying from them as presents for others.

If you would like to find out more about Koddle please head on over to their website.

What do you think of the sound of Koddle, would you like to try any of these products?

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Sometimes we all need a Koddle, check out this range perfect to help you relax and unwind when times are hard from Koddle.

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