Labour Stubs Out Sadiq’s Weed Legalisation Commission

Labour Stubs Out Sadiq’s Weed Legalisation Commission

Just hours after Sadiq Khan announced he is establishing the first ever London Drugs Commission to “start a conversation” about the benefits of cannabis legalisation in the city – despite not actually having the powers to do so – the Labour leadership has already blunted Sadiq’s hopes for a greener London… before the commission has even had its first meeting. 

This morning, a spokesperson for Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper waded in to remind Sadiq how his job works, and ruled out changing the party’s drug policy regardless of the commission’s outcome:

“Labour does not support changing the law on drugs… Drugs policy is not devolved to mayors and under Labour would continue to be set by national government.”

Given how Labour attacked the LibDems for being “soft on drugs” leading up to the local elections, maybe Sadiq should’ve seen this coming. One visit to a weed farm isn’t going to change the party line if the leadership isn’t high on the idea already. Even if it’s popular with their own voters…

Hat-tip: Matt Dathan

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