Upset Peer Calls Michael Gove “An Intellectual Flibberty-Gibbet” – Guido Fawkes

Upset Peer Calls Michael Gove “An Intellectual Flibberty-Gibbet”

The Lords are in a huff over what’ll happen to the members of the upper chamber when the builders boot them out for urgent renovations. While most would rather stay close to home and camp in the nearby Queen Elizabeth II centre, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has other ideas, claiming he “cannot endorse” their plan to “decamp to a temporary home a mere 200 yards from the Palace of Westminster”. Over the weekend it emerged he’s instead recommending they be shipped off to somewhere further afield – preferably in the North somewhere so he can say he’s levelling up the region. Inevitably the Lords have started chuntering…

One particularly upset Peer, Lord Cormack, tried making the point today that it’s not even within Gove’s gift to make those plans:

“On whose authority did Mr. Gove contact the Lord Speaker… was he speaking for the government? And if so, does he realise this wasn’t a matter for the government… or was this just another freelance exercise by an intellectual flibberty-gibbet?”

Caaalm down…

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