How to Hire & Retain the Right Staff for Your Fitness Club

5 Tips for Retaining Gym Staff

Hiring great employees is only the first step toward creating a happy and successful team to run your fitness club. The second (and final) step? Retention! Executing strategies to retain current employees has many benefits for your business, such as reduced costs, improved morale, a more experienced team, and a better customer experience. Here are some steps you can take to boost employee retention in your gym:

1. Offer competitive compensation and benefits.

Quality employees are an investment. You can’t expect people to want to keep working for your club if they’re not making at least a living wage. If you want to hold onto your experienced and hardworking staff members, you need to offer high wages, good benefit coverage, adequate PTO, and work-life balance. Otherwise, they’ll just get a job at one of the many other gyms that are hiring.

2. Support employee professional development.

According to a 2018 LinkedIn report, 94% of employees would stay longer with a company who invests in their career. Giving your fitness club employees the time and resources to grow professionally is a mutually beneficial move. They’ll feel like you care about their future, and you’ll gain more knowledgeable staff members. Encourage employee development with measures like continuing education support, internal promotion, and in-depth and cross training.

3. Use automation to reduce monotony.

Another common reason employees leave their jobs is because they get bored. Fitness professionals choose this field because they love interacting with members, teaching and training, and helping people reach their goals. Maximize the time they can spend doing those things by automating repetitive club administration tasks.

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4. Implement employee recognition and rewards programs.

Recognition and reward for a job well done makes employees feel valued. It also keeps them motivated and creates a positive work environment that drives loyalty. Show your appreciation for staff members generously and consistently. Some successful strategies to try include target-based bonuses, verbal praise, social media recognition, gifts and incentives, and peer-to-peer recognition.

5. Encourage open communication.

One of the keys to employee happiness is making them feel like they have a voice that matters and management that listens. Make it a point to ask fitness staff members for feedback and take meaningful action when they speak up. You can do this with routine one-on-one check-ins, team meetings, or even an anonymous survey. Knowing what your employees want, need, like, and dislike about their working experience will be invaluable for retention.

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