Does Your Bedroom Reflect Your Personality?

Your bedroom should be your safe space, and haven, but it is also a mirror of your life. Because of its personal nature, your bedroom represents your identity, and your most intimate self. It not only offers a window into how you sleep, and how you relax, but it also shows off your interior design style. Your bedroom should reflect your personality, whether that be through a Barbie Pink bedroom, an ocean inspired paradise, or a tropical rainforest.

<img src="red.jpg" alt="red and black minimalist bedroom"/>

The more time you spend in your home, the closer it reflects you. I don’t know about you, but I have been spending more time at home after lockdown, and it shows. Not only is the living room colourful, bright, and filled with art, culture, and entertainment, but the bedroom is colourful too. Although we can’t paint the walls, we have made the most of the space that we are in. From colourful bedding, to a galaxy light projector, we have turned our bedroom into a colourful, magical wonderland, which pretty much reflects who I am, and who we are as a couple. We like creature comforts, but at the same time, are obsessed with fantasy, while I am a maven of colour.

Although my partner is the complete opposite of me, and is not colourful, elements of his personality show in our bedroom. There is the movie projector, that we use to watch movies in bed, which showcases his love for movies, while the starlight projector, is another one of his technological obsessions, even though he ‘technically brought it for me’. We also have a large TV, which he uses to play games like Halo and Metroid, with a games box full of board games, card games, video games, and immersive games to make a rainy day, less grey.

<img src="bedroom.jpg" alt="red bedroom reflects personality"/>

However, our home definitely represents me as a person, more than my partner. With a rainbow of colours, we have reds, blues, pinks, greens, purples and reds, making our flat a colour wonderland. A large bookcase filled with over 1,000 books shows my love for reading, while various paintings are hung up on the walls, include abstract art pieces, cubism, and even some canvases of me, and my partner enjoying date night together. We have only been in our place a few months, so there is a long way to go, but I am very happy with my bedroom, and its unique, and colourful interior design.

So what does your bedroom say about you? Whether you have a boho bedroom, have bold bedroom decor, or have a Scandinavian bedroom, how does your bedroom reflect your personality? Read on to find out more!

Boho Bedroom

Having a boho-chic bedroom suggests that you are uncoventional and artsy. Bohemian style or Boho decor is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see. This aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces creative, carefree, and unique decor. There are no hard and fast rules, and no structure, instead opting for carefree layers of pattern, texture, and colour. But what does a boho bedroom look like? It is hard to characterize, as there are so many types of bohemianism. However, a typical boho bedroom uses warm, earthy colours such as deep browns, greens, and grays for base colours, accentuated with bolder colours like bright orange, and electric blue.

<img src="boho.jpg" alt="boho chic bedroom"/>

How does a boho bedroom reflect your personality?

It often mixes patterns and textures, especially dyed textiles and patterns from around the world. In particular Morrocan boho chic is popular, for its use of colour, fabrics like rattan, and traditional elements like fringe, and beads. Layer throws on top of furniture and try hanging tapestries and area rugs on the walls alongside your photos and art. If you are more of a minimalist boho fan, you can use neutral tones instead, and use white to bring visual space into your bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom 

A Scandinavian bedroom is the opposite of boho chic. It suggests that you are a peaceful, and precise person, who likes to design your bedroom, simply yet effectively. You are not bothered by ornate, and grand touches, and buy into Scandi style decor. Think simple lines without fuss, with a focus on aesthetically pleasing, and minimalist texture instead. Crumpled linens, layers of blankets, piles of pillows, and wood elements, which create dimension and warmth in your bedroom. So if you are a minimalist, who likes elegant, yet simple decor, a Scandinavian bedroom can reflect your personality to a T.

<img src="Scandi.jpg" alt="Scandi style bedroom decor"/>

Part of what makes it so aesthetically pleasing is its lack of clutter. I could only dream to have a bedroom, that is so precise and minimal like that, but it wouldn’t really represent who I am. I am all about that colour, and organized mess, that represents who I am as a person. Still, if you are not a hoarder like me, you will love a Scandi-style bedroom. Colours used are predominantly neutral, including, white, grey, and light browns, accentuated by fresh muted flowers, and botanicals, for an earthy, natural twist.

Colourful Bedroom 

Finally, a bedroom that represents me! If you are looking for ways to bring colour into your home, and create a bedroom that reflects your personality, colour could be the deciding factor. We all know that I am obsessed with colour, and one brief glance at my blog would tell you that. From the way I dress, the way I style, photograph, and edit, my motto is always more, more, more. I am a self-confessed maximalist, with an element of organization, and am a perfectionist. So on the one hand you have a riot of colour, but on the other, you have organized chaos. Everything is perfectly colour matched, colour coded, and beautiful.

<img src="green.jpg" alt="green and pink colourful bedroom"/>

A colourful bedroom shows that you are arty, creative, and confident. Everything might be a little mismatched, but it is a slice of home. You might add colour through a colour-cordinated bookcase, a mantlepiece filled with all your favourite hats, crowns, and headbands, or even through souviners that you have picked up on your holidays. Like a boho chic bedroom, there are no rules, it is more about playing with colours, textures, and prints to create a colourful bedroom that best describes you.

A colourful bedroom undoutably shows that a person is open-minded, liberal, and to an extent disorganized. You have a broader interest in the arts, and culture, and use colour to boost your happiness, confidence, and all the good feelings. You might have unusual belongings (like me and my Mickey Mouse unicorn flower crowns), and are adventorous, love trying new things, and think that bright colours are the best thing since sliced bread.

<img src="tropical.jpg" alt="tropical themed bedroom reflect personality"/>

Of course, these are stereotypes, but even if your bedroom doesn’t have a specific interior design style, it still says something about you. Even the types of Beds in your bedroom reflect your personality. Not convinced? Read on below to find out more…

TV Bed

A TV Bed shows that you are an introvert. You would rather stay in bed, either on your own or snuggled up with a partner. It reflects your desire to spend more time in our bedroom, and watch movies, TV shows, or listen to the radio, and your favourite podcasts. It is a form of escapism for you, and your idea of a perfect night in is to escape reality, and watch all your favourite movies, and TV’s. This is the type of bed, that I imagine would suit my partner the most. Although he is not introverted, he does prefer to spend time at home, rather than going out. He is a huge Marvel and cartoons fan, and prefers romantic nights in, to going out.

<img src="colourful.jpg" alt="colourful TV bed bedstar"/>

A TV bed has the capacity built into the frame to house your TV. Your TV could be hidden away in the foot of the bed, and then exposed at the touch of a button, and can help declutter your bedroom. It is perfect for duvet days, when you need to relax, and can help you unwind, in your own private paradise. Just make sure you consider the size of your bedroom, as well as your TV, before you invest in a TV bed.

Velvet Headboard 

A velvet headboard shows that you want more warmth, comfort and luxury in your life. You have a taste for the finer things in life, and your velvet headboard, is rich and sumptous to look at. Even if you are on a budget, it shows that you have an aquired taste, and it provides a warm, luxurious surface to touch, while in bed. It also shows that you are highly consientious, and stylised, a trend setter , even when it comes to interior design. You come across as glamorous, and people will assume that you travel the world, love hotel stays, and adore relaxing spa retreats. As you should, you work hard for what you earn!

<img src="grand.jpg" alt="grand velvet headboard bed"/>

Metal Bed 

Are you someone who admires strength, stability, and likes the simple things? A metal inspired bedroom reflects your personality, because it gives you the durability that you are after. It is strong, lasts a long time, and is faithful, and reliable, just like your bedroom. You like things to be a certain way, and are tidy, orderly, and like a bedroom that is functional, and practical just like you. You don’t care about ornate, and out there bed furnishings, and don’t spend enough time in your bedroom, to even luxuriate in it. So you need something that works for you.

<img src="metal.jpg" alt="metal bed frame bedstar"/>

Wooden Bed 

You appreciate traditional design and the role nature plays in your life. Your wooden bed reflects your connection to the natural world and the past, where wooden furniture was much more commonplace than plastic and metal. Whether you use oak, or pine, your wooden bed feels right. It allows you to immerse yourself in nature, and be in your happy place, even when you sleep. After all, you feel at your calmest when you are surrounded by trees, enveloping you with its twisted leaves.

<img src="wooden.jpg" alt="wooden bed reflect personality"/>

Your flooring in your bedroom can reflect your personality too. Whether you choose a wooden floor, carpets, or have a cozy rug, your flooring choices say a lot about who you are…

Wooden Floor

Like a wooden bed, your wooden floor cements that you have a deep connection to nature. You want to feel nature everywhere you go, so you have a wooden floor that you can always touch. You love traditional design, especially period houses, and feel most at home in your bedroom. You want a solid footing in life, and believe that wood is one of the most welcoming materials that you can use. It is long-lasting, brings the natural world into your home, and above all is pleasantly minimalist.

<img src="wooden.jpg" alt="wooden bedroom with wooden flooring"/>

Carpeted Floor 

Your bedroom needs to comfort you. You have a stressful life and want to feel the softness of carpet underfoot when you walk. The uneven, fibrous texture relaxes you, suggesting you need something sensual and comforting to take your mind off things. A well maintained carpet can reduce airborne allergens, contributing to healthier indoor air quality, so it is important to keep it clean, and tidy. After all, it is more likely to capture dust, than a wooden floor, but it is beautiful to look at.

<img src="minimal.jpg" alt="minimal carpet bedroom"/>

Sustainable Flooring  

Many of us are now seeking out sustainable design ideas to minimize our impact on the planet. After all, many of the materials used in bedrooms can be unsustainable, so it can be a good idea to explore other options. Materials like cork and bamboo, are great choices for flooring in your bedroom, and shows that you are socially conscientious. A sustainable bedroom reflects your personality as being someone who is mindful about their impact on the planet, respects the natural world, and uses the best of what nature has to offer, in a kind and humane way.

<img src="sustainable.jpg" alt="sustainable bamboo flooring"/>

Does a sustainable bedroom reflect your personality as being someone who is eco-conscious? 100%.

How you decorate your bedroom can also show people an insight into how you think, and how you work. After all, designing a room can take months, sometimes years, so it is the most authentic indicator of who you are as a person. From houseplants, to use of photos, and colourlogy, find out what your interior design decor says about you.

Houseplants and bonsais 

I know I harp on about nature a lot, but that is because I find it soothing, relaxing, and tranquil. I personally use houseplants, and bonsais in my home, because I love watching them grow and flourish in my own home. It shows that you are caring, and appreciate the circle of life. You love seeing change and progress, and enjoy growing your own plants, because it makes you feel like that you have accomplished something special. Nature is a metaphor for your life, and shows that you are at your happiest when you are surrounded by greenery.

<img src="plant.jpg" alt="plant themed bedroom reflect personality"/>

Having greenery in your home is a great way of boosting your mental health as well, as it can make you less anxious, and more calm. It can help you slow down, pause, and take a moment, making your bedroom a space to reflect in. A plant themed bedroom reflects your personality, by showing you as someone who likes to wake up next to plants everyday. You love how plants make you ‘feel good’, and think that there is nothing more tranquil than having houseplants in your home. If it were up to you, you would be living outside!

Lots of mirrors

As someone who has a lot of mirrors in my home, I love how they create light, shape and dimension. In my bedroom, I have two wardrobes that are joined together, and have mirrored doors, creating a 4 mirror effect. The reason why I love it (and why I chose it), is because I love to dance, work out, and do yoga. The large mirrors makes it ideal for my routines, and helps me improve my form, posture, and improve my excercise habits. I also use it for styling outfits, and find it beneficial in helping me put cohesive looks together.

<img src="green.jpg" alt="green mirror bedroom reflect personality"/>

A mirrored bedroom can reflect your personality too. On one hand it might show someone who has confidence, is comfortable in front of a mirror, and loves taking risks. But then on the other, it might show that you care deeply about how people perceive you, and use mirrors to judge yourself. You might critique the way you look, the way you dress, and use it to scrutinize up close details like your face or hair. Remember, always be kind to yourself! Use your mirrors in a positive way, whether that is meditating, photoshoots, styling outfits or doing yoga. The choice is down to you!

Lots of photos 

I am known for having a lot of photos online, but I actually have very few photos on display in my home. This is something that I am looking to change, but, I do love having photos in the home. After all, photos to me are memories, that last a lifetime. Photos in your bedroom reflects your personality, as it shows you as someone who likes to live in the moment. You use photos to escape your surroundings, and transport you back in time. Whether it is photos with your friends, your family, your partner. or even photos of yourself, use photos to create feel-good vibes in your bedroom.

<img src="green.jpg" alt="green photo wall"/>

Grey walls

Grey is a universal neutral colour, that is open to interpretation. If you have grey walls in your bedroom, it might show that you seek safety, security, and stability.  Grey walls provide an enclosed feeling, wrapping you in a neutral colour that evokes neither joy nor sadness. You feel calmer when you are surrounded by grey and other neutral colours. This soothing and cool colour, is often given a bad rep, seen as ‘boring’, emotionless, or detached, but in reality it is a colour that we can all enjoy. Even for people like me who are colourful unicorns, a neutral colour can often be a palette cleanser.

<img src="grey.jpg" alt="grey bedroom reflect personality"/>

Bright walls 

In my dream home, my walls would be a rainbow of colours that would bring joy into my bedroom. Bright walls show that you are an extrovert who loves bold colours. You feel alive and energised, ready to take on the world. Bright walls help you stay happy and motivated, giving you an instant kick every morning. You are out there, adventurous and interested in the unknown. Strong colours also offer light, and depth, even in the darkest of rooms, and help create contrast in your bedroom.

<img src="yellow.jpg" alt="yellow and pink bedroom"/>

Bright walls aren’t for the fainthearted, but it says a lot about your personality. You might be an extroverted introvert, but you are definitely artistic, and creative. Your walls are a canvas for demonstrating how you feel, and how you want to come across. Even if you aren’t the most vocal of people, you are always loud, at least through the image you give out. People who see your bedroom, will presume that you are unique, colourful, and sure of your identity.

Blue accent colour

<img src="ocean.jpg" alt="ocean blue kids bedroom"/>

Blue is one of my favourite colours, alongside red, and pink. Why? Because in colourlogy blue has layered meanings. It can mean tranquility, stillness and calm. But on the other hand it could be energy, boldness, and confidence. Blue is such a versatile colour, but what does it say about you? How does a blue bedroom reflect your personality? Well, you might be enthusiastic, romantic and imaginative. You feel happiest when the sun is shining and even more comfortable by the ocean. You are reliable, trustworthy, reserved and confident, with an endless imagination. To you, blue conjures beautiful memories of being by the seaside, drinking cocktails underneath the deep blue sky.

Green accent colour 

There are so many different shades of green, that interpretations of its colour psychology are endless. A green bedroom shows that you are inventive, logical and conceptual. You feel happiest in the countryside and other areas of nature. You seek knowledge and understanding, enjoying the challenge of thinking and learning about new things. From a mental health point of view, green is a great colour choice for ‘calm’. Green represents nature, freshness, relaxation, growth, and endurance. Green helps you de-stress, and is soothing too.

<img src="peaceful.jpg" alt="peaceful green bedroom reflects personality"/>

Pink and red accent colours

As I mentioned earlier, red, pink, and blue are my favourite colours. Whether it is in fashion, interior design, or accessories, these colours can be bold and brash, but they can also be muted and soft. So how do pink and red accent colours in your bedroom reflect your personality? This colour combination, shows that you are a romantic who ‘loves love’. You are loving, generous, kind and sensitive. You are in touch with your femininity and youthful side, with a deep sense of individuality. You are a family person with a vibrant aura that brings joy to those around you.

<img src="pink.jpg" alt="pink and red heart bedding skinnydip"/>

Of course, this is a all a bit of fun, but its interesting to know how people perceive your bedroom. If your bedroom is giving people the wrong impression of you, then it would be worth creating a bedroom that is ‘you’. Your bedroom should bring you joy, happiness, and calmness. This is your safe space, and your oasis, make it your own. Even if you share your room with someone else, put enough of yourself in the room to fully represent you, and who you are as a person. After all, now more than ever, we are spending more, and more time in our bedrooms!

What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?


Please note this is a collaborative post, but all thoughts are my own, and are not affected by monetary compensation. I would love to know whether your bedroom reflects your personality, and if so, why?

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