Providing support in Nicaragua

When Jessenia was six months pregnant, she was registered into the Survival intervention at a church in Nicaragua’s capital city Managua. Jessenia’s pregnancy seemed to be going well, but at eight months, during a monthly checkup, she found out that ther baby was severely under weight. “He told me that I needed to go to a private clinic for further testing, because this could mean he was severely malnourished. I felt disheartened when I saw that my baby’s life was in danger,” Jessenia said. Immediately, Jessenia went to the centre and asked for help because the medicines and food the doctor had recommended were too expensive for her to buy. The Survival coordinator stepped up to help her and provided her with the medicines she needed. During another weekly checkup, doctors also found that Jessenia had high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels, so three weeks before her due date she was hospitalised. “I felt desperate because I didn’t want to be there. I was scared,” she days. “Even those days, though, I was happy to know that my mother and the centre were thinking about me and praying for me. I knew that I had their support, and that the Lord was taking care of me.” Her family and the centre staff prayed tirelessly and went to see her during the limited visiting hours, providing her with spiritual and emotional support. To the doctor’s surprise, Jessenia’s baby, José, had gained five pounds, and he was ready to be delivered. “I was so happy! I saw that all the effort from the centre had been fruitful, and that the Lord had answered our prayers,” Jessenia said. Thanks to the centre’s support, Jessenia and José are looking forward to a bright, healthy future.

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