Providing support in Philippines

Like many Compassion alumni, 23-year-old Aljon dreams of sponsoring a child himself. Since graduating from Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Programme in 2018, he has constantly thought of how he can give back. He is close to achieving his dream. In early 2019, he became a correspondent to two sponsored children, one in Thailand and another in Ethiopia, on behalf of their financial sponsors who are unable to write. “I decided to be a correspondent and hope to be a sponsor someday because that’s what I have always desired in my heart, to give back,” Aljon said. He was overjoyed when he received the children’s photos “because I remembered myself in them”. “They are part of my life now, and part of my prayers. My prayer to God, always, is for them to grow up living the purpose God has for them,” he said. He grew up in a crowded, hillside squatters community outside of Manila in the Philippines. His parents were out of work, and the family often went without food. In 2003, at six years old, he was registered into the Child Sponsorship Programme and life changed. Today, Aljon works as an academic administrator for a language institute and helps to support his parents and younger sister.

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