Providing support in Rwanda

Meet Beatrice: foster mother to 15 children! She’s one legendary mum, and her story reminds us that we don’t need money to act with kindness. After surviving the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Beatrice believed God spared her life for a reason. “I made a vow to God that I would take care of vulnerable children. God protected me from the killers so that I could serve Him,” she says. With her biological children grown, Beatrice welcomed 12 orphaned or abandoned children into her home, plus her niece and two nephews. “She is a mother with a heart for the nation,” says Colette, a staff member at Compassion’s local church partner. Beatrice was empowered to start a tailoring business to support her family through Compassion’s Highly Vulnerable Child Fund. “Beatrice’s love for children teaches us every day that you don’t have to have much to take care of vulnerable people. She sacrifices all she has to see that the children get enough to eat and have a roof over their heads,” says Colette. “Above all, she teaches them that God loves them always.”

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