Providing support in Sri Lanka

For families living day-to-day in Sri Lanka, the pandemic and quarantine measures that followed drove them into further hardship. Day labourers like seven-year-old Pravin’s father, struggled to support the needs of their families and were worried they’d have no food to eat. Pravin, the eldest of two, is registered in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Programme. With the Compassion project closed due to COVID-19, he has spent his days at home drawing pictures and helping his mother, Rajeni, cut vegetables. Since the pandemic hit, Rajeni can’t help but worry about providing for her family. “My husband lost his job, and he is the only one who works so our only income was gone,” says Rajeni. Even though his father was out of work, Pravin still had faith that the child development centre would come through for his family. Since March, staff have been providing the family with ration packs full of food and essentials to last each month. “I cannot describe how these packs have helped me,” says Rajeni. “I cannot think how we would have gotten food if not for them.” Now that the restrictions have eased a little in Sri Lanka, Pravin’s father is able to work to help support the family. And Pravin anxiously awaits his return to the child development centre to play with his friends and enjoy his favourite food—rice with curry.

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