Providing support in Tanzania

In a small village in Tanzania, sisters Donatha and Leokadia shared a one-bedroom home with Donatha’s son Emmanuel. They sold soap and vegetables to make ends meet, but life was a struggle. Then Donatha fell ill. With only one income, life became even more difficult, so when their other sister offered for them to live with her, the ladies decided to make the arduous 10-hour bus journey to a new village. Shortly after settling in, Donatha passed away, and the family was devastated. In the small house, relationships strained, and Leokadia says, “I noticed Emmanuel always stayed in his room. My sister didn’t want us living with her anymore, but we couldn’t afford to rent a house.” But help was on its way. Emmanuel registered into the local Compassion project, and Leokadia told the staff of their troubles. Tabiri, the Project Coordinator, says, “Emmanuel’s sponsor sent him a family gift … and they decided to buy a house.” Together, this family has gone from despair to hope. Leokadia has begun a new small business selling milk, and Emmanuel is slowly regaining his smile. “God has been good to us,” smiles Leokadia.

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