Podcasts an Educational Way to Listen?


Are you wondering if now is the time you should switch on a Podcast? Have you been wondering exactly what they have to offer?

Well, I have to admit it is something I often wonder about myself. I have finally got myself more used to using audiobooks since I struggle to read in a traditional format. Which has left me wondering, could Podcasts add another dimension that that way to listening and learning.

As such when I was contacted to delve into learning and Podcasts, I was really interested.

What are Podcasts?

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It is estimated that by 2023, 1 billion people across the globe will be listening to Podcasts at least once a month. (In fact, in 2021, Brits alone listened to almost 60 million hours of podcasts every week. Which is +50% compared to 2019 and 17 times more than in 2015.

It is thought that the word “Podcast” is perhaps a loose play on the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”. Which started off as a way for individuals to get their message out in the form of the spoken word.

It is on the whole it offers; a free, on-demand, niche way to listen to people talk about topics you are interested in. Podcasts can often be both streamed and downloaded, allowing you to listen at your leisure.

Of course, as with all forms of media it has evolved since its easily days. These days as well as individuals sharing podcasts, many businesses have come to find it as a great way to share content with their consumers.

Podcasts and Education.

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One of the subjects taking off in the Podcast world is edutainment (education + entertainment). Allowing people to spend some time out of their business schedule exploring a subject matter they enjoy.

In fact, recently the world’s first language-learning app Babbel, did some research into this recent addition to media consumption.

They compiled the information they found together and created the infographic “What can a Podcast Teach You? Which is shared alongside some useful tips for those who are looking to learn a new language.

Babbel themselves have in fact taken advantage of the love for Podcasts that has been shown over the past years. They have found that for the people who use their offerings, they have helped with pronunciation and conversation within their chosen language. Alongside offering insight into more cultural elements.

So are you ready to sit down and enjoy some Podcasts? I think I might be!

Do you have a favourite Podcast already, or is it something you are just thinking of venturing into listening to?

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