Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers: Review

AD – I received the trainers featured in this post free of charge, however, this doesn’t affect my thoughts, which are, as always honest.

I can’t remember now when I realised I was struggling with the dexterity in my fingers. However, around the time I started blogging, I had to give up many hobbies, which used my hands. From writing to pen-friends to making jewellery.

Since then my fine motor skills in my hands have only gone downhill. I will admit that for as long as I can remember, I’ve done my laces up on my trainers very rarely. Slipping them on and off with them already done up. However, the latest pair of trainers I bought just didn’t allow this. Meaning I really had to face the fact, I could no longer tie up my laces.

It was at this point I started thinking about looking into slip-on shoes and trainers. However, I was worried about how they would look. However, when Hirst Footwear got in touch I found out they had a small selection of Skechers, which look like more traditional trainers, however, are actually slip-on.

Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers

Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers in Black

These vegan-friendly black trainers from Skechers have been made to look as though they are lace-ups. However, instead, they feature the Stretch Fit® design, which means they slip on like a sock. Trainers (and shoes) made using this technique are soft and offer a comfortable fit, which stretches comfortably around your foot.

Inside the trainer, you will find an Air-Cooled Memory Foam® insole. This allows the insole to not only mould comfortably around your foot but also offers breathable technology.

Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers with tags

What’s more, they also feature a Glide-Step® midsole which will help to shock absorb as you walk (or run).

While they have also been made to be machine washable. These trainers also feature a breathable athletic mesh knit upper and a flexible outer sole.

Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers: My Thoughts

Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers from the side

So I’ll be honest, these were the second pair of trainers I was sent by Hirst Footwear. I originally picked another pair of Skechers and went for a size 7. Sadly these were too big (I have a wide fitting foot, between a 6 and 7).

I quickly got in touch with Hirst Footwear and explained my issues, including the fact I was after a slip-on. They very kindly went through the stock they had in and came back with some alternatives for me to choose from.

Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers from above

Originally I had passed by the Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers as I honestly thought they were lace-ups. However, they most definitely are not.

Personally, I’ve found them to be really comfortable to wear. They fit my foot well and the insoles make for a comfortable, supported fit. I have to wear orthotics in my shoes and I’m waiting to get new ones sorted, but I believe they will work well with these as well.

Overall I have been really pleased with Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers. They are comfortable to wear, easy to slip on and look good as well.

Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers close up of lace detailing

I personally find the little things, like having a normal pair of trainers I can slip on, really help uplift how I feel.

Hirst Footwear

I have to just again say thank you to Hirst Footwear, who really went out of their way to help find me a pair that worked. Which left me with the knowledge I would definitely feel comfortable shopping with them in future.

With that all in mind: I definitely recommend the Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers (which come in both the black as shown and mauve). As well as Hirst Footwear for when you need a new pair of shoes or trainers.

If you would like to buy the Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers for yourself, there are still a few pairs in stock over on the Hirst Footwear website and they come in at £68.95.

What do you think of the sound of the Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers would you wear them?

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Skechers Glide-Step Sport Level Up Trainers Review. Find out what I thought of these slip-on trainers in this post.

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