Fashion Trends for 2022 – Life in a Break Down


Are you wondering what to fill your wardrobe up with this year? Are you looking for a few staples which will fit into the top fashion trends for 2022?

Then this post could be for you, as I have bought together some of my favourite trends coming into fashion in women’s clothing this year.

Pleated Skirts

women and child wearing a pleated skirt

This is a trend which I know I can find already in my wardrobe and that is the pleated skirt. This year, while some mini versions have been spotted, thankfully it is all about the midi.

Meaning this is a trend that can see you through multiple seasons, just depending on what you dress them with.

What’s more, this trend sees all sorts of patterns, colours and fabrics working with it. So you can really look to have some fun with it.

Liquid Metal

If you are wondering what to wear for a night out and want to take a more eco-friendly approach than sequins, then the liquid metal look could be for you.

Most often found in golds and silvers, this trend still allows you to shine and shimmer. While offering a really luxurious look as well.

You will find this trend coming across in dresses for women, skirts and tops.

Sensible Sandals

Platform summer trend. Stylish shoes for girls

This year see’s sandals taking a slightly more sensible turn. First off, if you want a bit of height, it seems high heels are being switched out for flatform soles.

While many of this year’s offerings will be seen with velcro fastenings and cushioned soles. Making for a much more comfortable sandal trend for this year.

So why not get more trendy and enjoy a more sensible sandal.

Oversized Bags

Staying in trend and perhaps getting even bigger for this year, is the oversized bag.

Some of the bags seen this year are big enough to double as a weekend back, taking you from day to night away all in one.

If you are thinking perhaps oversized isn’t for you, then all over logos seem to be the in choice for more normal-sized bags this year.


a series of bright modern fashion women's dresses on hangers in a white cupboard for summer and spring

If you love prints, then this year sees stripes being a favourite. However, they are taking on a bit of a new life, no longer being all about just being horizontal or vertical.

Instead this year it will be about vibrant colours alongside different sizes of stripes. Offering something just a bit different to the normal stripes you see.

So there you have just a few of the different styles you might like to add to your wardrobe during 2022. Of course, we are going to see a whole host of different trends hit the street as well.

What do you think of these trend picks, do you like any of them?

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Are you wondering what the top fashion trends for 2022 might include? Then check out this round up of some hitting the high street this year.

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