Tory MP’s Son Joins Fight in Ukraine

Tory MP’s Son Joins Fight in Ukraine

The son of Tory MP Helen Grant has flown to Ukraine alongside six other ex-servicemen to join the fight for Ukraine’s freedom. Ben Grant, who served as a commando in the Royal Marines for five years, arrived in Kyiv on Saturday, claiming he decided to take up arms after watching footage of Russians bombing a house with children trapped inside. Speaking as he arrived in Ukraine, Grant made it clear the decision was his own, and has nothing to do with his mother, who’s currently Boris’s Special Envoy for Girls’ Education. He didn’t even tell her he was going…

“I haven’t been sent, nothing to do with the government, nothing to do with my mother. Just wanna make that clear, completely off my own back, I decided to do this. I didn’t even tell my mum, but it is what it is. … Yes, I am scared but I know it’s the right thing, pretty easy decision to make.”

Grant says he expects around 100 or so more fighters to join from the UK, even as Russia threatens to bring “criminal” prosecutions against them and insisted they “won’t enjoy the status of prisoners of war“. Apparently Russia is a big supporter of the Geneva Convention now…

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