Neo-Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward Relaunching Next Week

Neo-Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward Relaunching Next Week

Guido understands the Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward (CWF) organisation will relaunch next week, with chairman Steve Baker set to unveil the leading members of the group’s parliamentary council and drum up much needed support for free market policies within the party. Just in time for the government’s tax hikes next month.

After the relaunch, the plan is to spend around 3 weeks fundraising and attracting new members. The big policy focus, Guido hears, will be on housing and – surprise, surprise – opposing the National Insurance rise. They’re also keen to present a softer, more ‘pro-social’ side to their campaigning and policy agenda. Acting as radicals, dressing as moderates”…

There’s a real concern within the CWF ranks that the unstable political climate – tax hikes, the energy crisis, inflation – could lead to backsliding into Corbynite policies dressed up as fiscal responsibility and “levelling up”, instead of the nominally Conservative government actually offering conservative ideas again. Last night Guido was surprised to hear an actual Tory grandee expressing the old fashioned idea that cutting taxes would help with the cost of living rising. Free markets, deregulation, and personal responsibility all need to be back on the policy agenda. Guido’s told to expect a few surprising faces leading the charge…

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