Men Must Call Out Sexists, So Long as they Didn’t Try Blocking Brexit – Guido Fawkes

Sadiq: Men Must Call Out Sexists, So Long as they Didn’t Try Blocking Brexit

Sadiq Khan has a new plan to tackle violence against women and girls. Taking to the airwaves this morning he announced that relationship education will be crucial in challenging sexism and reducing harassment of women, with kids as young as four expected to receive the lessons. The main plank pushed by the mayor this morning is getting men to call out harassing and abusive behaviour when they see their mates perpetuating it:


It’s a shame that Sadiq and his remainer mates couldn’t find it within themselves to call time on Bercow after he’d been accused of bullying, harassment and sexism. In 2018 minister Claire Perry accused Bercow of sexism, accusing him of having a “woman problem”, and followed Andrew Leadsom publicly calling him out for describing her as a “stupid woman”. Did Sadiq condemn him? No, he lavished praise on him a year later when he announced his retirement.


In 2009, Sadiq Khan boasted of backing him to be speaker of the Commons, despite Bercow telling the Telegraph nine years prior that female MPs’ complaints about sexism in Parliament were “a defence mechanism against their own inadequacy. You don’t find the competent attractive ones like Yvette Cooper moaning on about sexism.” Sadiq’s also stayed oddly quiet on Bercow since last week’s verdict. Remember men, call out sexism – as long as they’re not on your side of the political aisle…

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