Court Puts a Figure on Jolyon’s So-Called Success Rate – Guido Fawkes

Court Puts a Figure on Jolyon’s So-Called Success Rate

  1. Cast your mind back exactly a month when on the 15th February Jolyon and the Good Law Project got a hell of a slapdown in court. Trying to argue yet more government Covid appointees got their jobs thanks to cronyism, the judge said the case “fails in its entirety”. Somehow Jolyon spun this as a victory – something for which he eventually, partly, apologised.

Now the court has put a figure on the precise extent to which the Good Law Project and the Runnymede Trust ‘won’ that day. Documents released today show the two organisations were forced to pay 80% of the government’s costs, reflecting the fact that their defence “substantially succeeded”

Bizarrely, Jolyon actively highlighted this latest slap-down from the court, saying “At the moment, I don’t want to say more than that it feels to me like a very harsh decision indeed.” If he doesn’t like it maybe he should try bringing cases against the government that have a chance of winning – or even better give up and stop wasting taxpayer cash…

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