Bridgen Withdrawing Boris No Confidence Letter – Guido Fawkes

Bridgen Withdrawing Boris No Confidence Letter

Guido understands Andrew Bridgen has decided to back down from his call for Boris to resign. At a Telegraph Live panel discussion tonight on “How Will History Judge Boris Johnson?”, Bridgen is expected to declare to Christopher Hope that he’s withdrawing his letter of no confidence to Graham Brady. In light of the war in Ukraine he will say he believes now is not the time to challenge the PM and hold a leadership contest. In, out, in, out, shake it all about…

It seems Bridgen has been plotting his great reversal for the last week or so; a co-conspirator overheard him in the tearoom mulling how and when to do it. Now he’s found the perfect moment. In fairness to Bridgen, he’s following Starmer and Douglas Ross in making this call in the last few days…

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