Round Three (This Time it’s Physical) – Guido Fawkes

Lee Anderson versus Steve Bray: Round Three (This Time it’s Physical)

Steve Bray is once again pottering around Westminster, shouting at MPs and blabbering about Brexit. And once again, Red Wall rottweiler Lee Anderson was having absolutely none of it…

With Bray squawking about “Russian money” and how he somehow “pays [Anderson’s] wages” as an unemployed man who loiters around SW1 all day, Anderson bit back:

“I tell you what Steve, if you’d have been around 100 years ago, you’d have been traveling around the country in a tent. You’re nothing but a freak-show. 

Lee had to give Bray a small shove out the way to enter the tube station, at which point Steve lost it. Guido makes that 3-0 to Anderson…

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